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Friday, September 23, 2011

Thunder, thunder, thundercats, OOOHHHHH!

Sorry, I think I got the wrong battlecry: I should said 'ALKEMYYYYYYYYY!'
That's right, I finaly got the guts to start to paint the Khaliman faction of my Alkemy collection. It was by chance: I was going to do the bases of my Eden collection (as instructed by my friend Igor), but as the bases were stained with white I had to use the black spray. As I was waiting the paint to dry, I wandered in my showcase and got this nice cat and thought 'Why not?'
I was a little intimidate to paint this faction, as normally I paint more 'human-looking' miniatures, but I can say that I have a great time (as I haven't got a long time) painting it.
For the color scheme, I took the leave of the great master Nico, who also uses a green and red pattern.



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  1. this paint job is only a bad excuse to not do the bases and to not finished the work!!!