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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Dread and the Cursed

The Dreadfleet does his first appearance, and leading the bloodshed is the mischievous Cont Noctilus, in his ‘Naufrago’ (Shipwreck in English). I like the french name (Naufrageur) more them the English (Bloodreaver), and I translated it to Portuguese.
The Curse of Zandri.Joining joins the force of evil.
It took me 1,5 days to paint ‘Naufrago’, and about 3 hours the Curse of Zandri. I think that I paint the hardest ship first (Heldenhammer), so the others are going easier. I specially enjoyed painting ‘Naufrago’, because of all the different wreckages and components.
Curse of Zandri was fun to paint also, as it is very different from the others more ‘shipish’ ships.




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