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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dark Shepherd and his Chaotic Herd

The Dark Apostle and a pack of Chaos Spawns joins my Crimson Slaughter army.
Even if the profile of the Dark Apostle isn't very appeling (in my point of view, with the litlle experience I have in the game), the miniature is very cool. However, as it is a FAILCAST, I'm not totally satisfait with it (specially the head).
For the Chaos Spawns, I tried to paint one of them some time ago (the one with a lot of tentacles), and got very bored and frustraded. However, I gave it another shot (starting with other model), and in the end it was nice and fast. I really like the one with some sort of head that explodes from the poor guy's chest and the red one (I was thinking in Diablo, the Lord of Terror, when I assembly it).
So now, I have only two miniatures left to paint to finish all my Chaos Space Marine army: a hellbrute and the awesome Daemon Prince (that will be only touched when it arrives at Brazil). However, as I'm thinking about starting a new project, with a very short deadline, I'll let the hellbrute waiting a bit longer in the shelv.

And also, I'm preparing a nice surprise for this week-end (hint: Sunday is 14th July - a very special date here in France).

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