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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Calibatan 40th Millenium Automotive Salon

Direct from the Armory of the Rock, a display of all the heavy vehicles of my Dark Angels army.
The Dark Angels icons and smoke launchers (normally above the headlights) are all magnetized, and used to count the hull points.
The weathering effects will be applied later.

Rhino: two of the most popular APV in use by the the Space Marine Chapters.
Razorback: using the Rhino chassis, with 3 main weapons choisses (heavy bolter, assault cannon and lascannon; all twin-linked).
Predator: Annihilator pattern.

Vindicator: with siege shield.
Whirlwind: also using the Rhino chassis.
Land Raider: all three configurations available (standard, Crusader and Redeemer), with the optional Multi-melta.


  1. Awesome work sir, and did I read correctly that the exterior weapons are all magnetized? How difficult is that to do? But as I said, awesome work, and great details. I've just started collecting Space Marines from 40K. I'm mostly a warhammer and LOTR guy.

    Petersen's Miniatures

    1. Hi,thanks for passing by. Yes, all the guns are magnetized (or at least possible to dismount). It's not that hard, and it's a process that I enjoy a lot. Here is a link to a tutorial on how to do it:
      Even if this is with a Warmachine Warjack, the principle can be used for all projects.