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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ride for Ruin, Eorlings!

Last weekend, I participated in a Lord of The Rings Tournament, in Rueil-Malmaison (a city nearby).
I thought about going with my Harad army, which won the last Tournament, but the organizers gave a very good incentive to use exotics armies.
It’s been a long time since I painted my Rohan riders, and I never used them, so that’s my chance. I assembled an Eorl’s riders with only cavalry miniatures (a total of 27 for a 600 points army).
Here goes the list:
- Eorl the Yong (as my general);
- King of men (all options of a captain of Rohan, plus a horse and the Rohan Royal Banner, normaly used by Gamling);
- King of men (all options of a captain of Rohan, in a horse);
- 3 Sons of Eorl;
- 5 Royal Guards (javelin and horse);
- 16 Rohan riders (javelin and horse, and one with a horn).
I got some discounts (the horses were at half price, and the royal banner cost only 25 points), about 120 points.
I have fun playing with that army (the bugged eyes of the enemy when I align all the 27 horses in a line in the table), but they are very fragile, and the heros aren’t very powerful.
I tied the first three games, and lost the last one (against the Fellowship of the Ring + Treebeard), and so I finish in 9th (of 16).
However, I won ‘The most beautiful army’, and that give me a great consolation.
Here it goes some photos. I’ll try to take better ones this weekend (if I have the time).


  1. Hello! I'm not a wargamer, only a novice 1/72 painter.... but like I love LOTR, I had a look at your blog! it seems to be a beautiful army... I will follow your blog....

  2. Thanks for following. There aren't a lot of LOTR posts in my blog, but I'll try to increase that. I'll use the christimas vacances to paint my LOTR collection.