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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alkemy Noel SFJ

Today, I played in the Alkemy Noel SFJ tournemant.
I made my inscription in the last minute (means, I arrived in the tournament 10 minutes before its start). I didn’t even know with army I’ll play.
As there were a few Aurloks players, I took my beasts to battle.
My army (201 points):
- Tamel’she Far Eye, the crow spirit-shaman;
- (2) Auroch Totem-Warrior;
- Auroch Rain-Dancer with Horn;
- (1) Wolf Spirit-Guard;
- (1) Wolf Thunder-Warrior.

I didn’t have much hope to won the first place, but after winning the first, the second and the third game, I got a little excited about the possibility.
However, that little hope has vanished quickly when I read the scenery of the last game (something like a capture flag) and saw my opponent’s army (Khalimans, with a lot of archers, runners and the most fxxxing miniature of the game with the Pacifist and Diplomatic Immunity skill (witch forbids me to hit him in close combat).
To make short: I lost.
So, in the end I got the fourth place, and my opponent of the last game came in fist.

Here some pictures of the tournament:

My army. 

 My avalonian army that I lent to a friend.

 My army againt the first place's army.
Me, getting  my 4th place prize

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