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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday night loot

Last Friday in the game club, my friend Igor delivered me a lot of stuffs:

Elven spearmen regiments (from Kings of War): we’re going to use these miniatures for the speed painting in the miniature event that we’re organizing – the JFJ2012 (click here for the official link of the event).
By paying a full ticket for the event (10€), you can inscribe to participate of the speed painting, and take one of these miniatures to paint in less then an hour (the painting material will be supplied by the event). Also, that ticket let you participate to the others painting events, and also of the tournaments that will be take place in the event.
But attention: the places are limited, so you’ll have to buy the anticipated ticket to assure your participation.

Still in the JFJ2012 spirit, I got three exclusives miniatures from the passed editions of the JFJ: the charming sniper Artémia (JFJ2007), the sexy ‘lady’ Angelface (JFJ2008) and the feline warrior Léhéna (JFJ2009).
As soon as I finished painting them, I’ll post and add their companions from JFJ2010 and 2011.
Also, by paying the full ticket, you get the exclusive miniature of Ikiria, the Red Angel..

For my Christmas present, I got the foams to keep safe my Dreadfleet and Space Hulk miniatures.


  1. bien... je suis toujours épaté par les wargamers!!
    vous peignez 50 figurines le temps que j'en fasse 2 et en plus vous jouez avec: c'est fou quand même...