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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mission Accomplish

Yes, I did it! I finished painting my Khalmian army! Not only that, I finished it before the end of my vacations.
I have to say that I got a lot of good times painting them. A special to Kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid: the miniature is so well sculpted that a simple wash gives it an amazing look.
Also, I have to thanks my baby boy and my wife. Without theirs efforts to not disturb me, I surely haven’t done that.

Here it goes the photo of the army. I’ll post individuals photos of each miniature after.


  1. Great Painting work !!!!!!!!
    Those figures are superb!
    I'm not accustomed with 28mm scale, but I'm often surprised by their quality !
    Your painting served them a lot!

  2. Felicitation! j'ai pas la motivation en ce moment...
    A bientôt et meilleurs voeux à toute la petite famille.

  3. Belle performance ! :)
    Jolies figs et sacré timing ! ;)
    Félicitations et bonne année. ^^