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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And Lord of the Miniatures still!

I chose the name ‘Lord of the Miniatures’ for my blog because of my Lord of the Rings collection. I worked hard to assembly (means buying) all the collection, with great success.
However, GW challenges me, releasing an army of new minis and books. As I couldn’t give up, I draw my credit card and bought all of them!
Finally, after more than a month and a half, I received my package. However, there’s still two items missing (the great beast of Gorgoroth and the casualties).
Still waiting for my supplier to ‘process’ the order.

Here are some pictures, of the unboxing! Can't you notice the quality of the fine cast (also know as expensive s..t)?


  1. You are brave buying that much finecast at once my friend. Your painting looks great I shall follow your blog closely.


  2. Thanks. 'Brave'? If you used that as a euphemism for 'crazy', that's ok, I agree.
    But the worst was the Great Beast of Gorgoroth, witch the two halves doesn't match. The others, a little green stuff here, a paint there and it's fixed.

  3. Yes lol I meant crazy - but if your sculpts are ok I'm happy for you. The only finecast I have so far is Gulavhar and I must admit the sculpt was great so I have nothing to complain about where finecast is concerned.