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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Terrors from Below

After finished my two ongoing projects (CdA EDEN and Jade Triad ALKEMY), now I got some time to finally work a little with the denizens of Middle-Earth.
As Moria is the most ready of my army, and as there’s a lot of new stuff that were released, I chose to finish them.
I painted the squid-lobster monster (the Watcher of the Water) and the Balrog’s son (Dweller in the Dark), with four goblin archers (metal version) that weren’t painted with their cousins.
Next, it’ll be the Grôblog, Ashrâk and two warg marauders.
I also received the Great Beast of Gorgoroth. Unfortunatelly, this is a Finecast (a.k. expensive sh.t, in the worst way), so the two halves of the beast don’t match. I’ll go to a GW shop to ask how to mount them, and maybe take a look in the new paints.

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