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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Great Pamela of Gorgoroth

I couldn’t resist her. Once she arrived, I could stop thinking about preparing her, assembling her, priming her, painting her!
Yes, it’s my great beast of Gorgoroth.
I named her Pamela, since it took me the same amount of green stuff that Pamela has of silicone in her breasts.
Another great success of the FAILCast: the two halves of the beast don’t match. I have to cut the head of one the haves and rebuild the neck.
My sculpting skills are low, but I’m pleased with the results.
For the base, it tried something new to me: I build a base using filler. I even tried to make a pond for basing the Watcher in the Water. However, I’ll have to wait for the material to dry.
However, for the crew, they’ll be in the box for a long time, as I’m not ready yet to start painting orcs.

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