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Monday, July 25, 2011

End of the Show

To finish the freaking clows parade, I present you my last two miniatures of the Joker’s Gang.
First Mikaïl, the mimic. I was a little sick when I painted him, that’s why the straps in his shirt aren’t very straight. But I was satisfied of his face.
Then Bogdana, with her knives and bombs.
I know that it’s till some miniatures missing (Olya for the Joker’s Gang, and Sister Gracianne and Pain-main in the Matriarchy), but that’s the miniatures of Eden that I have (still waiting for news from Taban to know if I’m going to get this miniatures after my translation work).
I will try to do the bases, to complete the miniatures, and attack the Jade Triad miniatures of Alkemy.
However, don’t think that I forgot at all the Lord of the Rings. I’m working very hard on then, but not painting and not gamming, but collecting. I found a new updated guide (it's a unofficial guide, but very complete, you can download it in the previous link), and discovered some miniatures that I don’t have. You can check-out the missing miniatures in this post (update almost every week, after the eBays bidding in the weekend).




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