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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm back, back in black (and white)

I know that I’m late, but it was a very difficult week, with all my friends going to their vacancies, while I’m staying to keep ‘the engine running’.
Last week also was the Alkemy’s end of season tournament (I finished in 4th place, I great conquest, if you take in account that I have less than 20 games, and the top 5 Alkemy’s best players were there).

Now, back to business. I thought to paint Watanka, the Toad slayer (Alkemy), but he has a little accident (fall from the 9th floor of my building). So, I decided to keep on with my Eden collection, with this huge savage beast: Mishka.
As my wife love animals, specially the shaggy ones, I painted him like a panda bear.
Hope you like it, thanks for passing by!

Note: thanks for all that leave a comment or post. I answered all.



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