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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lost between boxes

If you follow my blog, you’d notice that my activity is kind slow than the usual.
I’m going to move to a new apartment next week, so I’m kind lost in all the confusion, boxes, minis and painting material. Also, as I’ve just finished my current projects (all my Eden miniatures and Avalon and Aurloks from Alkemy’s miniatures), I don’t want to start a new project in the middle of this mess.
So, to not waste my precious free time playing PS3, I have to search for some small projects to keep me busy.
I just packed my Cave Wyrm (LotR), and I found his hatchling and eggs. I decided then to paint the eggs and the hatchling and finish the base.
Here’s the result. For the base, I used a wallpaper to make it look like stones.


  1. cool!t'as vu, c'est mieux avec un socle fini ;)

  2. Ah oui, mais un gros socle est plus simple de faire que une dizaine des petits socles.