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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Misty Mountain

Miniatures models*: 51 (including drum, cave drake hatchling and eggs);
Quantity owned: 119;
Special mention:
Ø                 This army is the most complete and ready of all my armies.
Ø                 Metal goblin archer with helm and aiming with his bow - already bough, waiting for reception.

* - indicates the number of different models of miniatures in the collection (and not the quantity). For horses, I count them as a different model if it’s separated from the rider. For chariots, I count them as one miniature, and each horse a different miniature. Same for the warmachines (battering ram, ladders, ballista, demolition charge, etc.) The miniatures from special dioramas are not counted in the army (‘Death of Gothmog’, ‘Fall of the Witch-King’).

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