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Monday, June 17, 2013


The Defiler finally joints the ranks of my Crimson Slaughter army, after 20 hours of work in the model (not the most interesting painting I ever done).
I magnetized the weapons options for the left ‘arm’ (havoc launcher/power scourge/heavy flamer), and also the chaos symbol in the back.
As I don’t like to use dices to represent the Wounds points, I though using:
-          When it loses the first W, I take of the front plating of the battlecannon (with the deameon face) – it’s held in place by adhesive masse;
-          For the second W, I take off the chaos mark in the back (that’s why I magnetized it, as well to make the transport more easy);
-          And for the third W, I take the off the mask– it’s held in place by adhesive masse;
-          For crew shaken, I turn the head backwards;
-          For crew stunned, I turn the head backwards and also turn one or two legs (the legs aren’t glued);
-          For weapons destroy, I can easily remove the weapon affected;
-          For the immobilized, I take off one or two legs.

Also, this post bears the new log for my blog. Thanks to my great friend and Alkemycal Master Nico (his blog here)

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