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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The last of them

The last ten Chaos Cultists join the Crimson Slaugther army.
With them, the last miniatures to finish my army are: a Hellbrute, 5 Chaos Spawns, a Chaos Rhino, Ahriman, a Dark Apostle and, the jewel of the crown, a great winged Chaos Daemon Prince (the Netherlord v1 from Heresy miniatures, a very rare and awesome miniature that was given to me by the great Igor).
However, I'll not paint that Daemon Prince any time soon (even that corrodes me inside). As the miniature is huge and all in metal (with heavy and big wings), my wife suggest me to work with it only when we're back to Brazil, as it'll be very difficult to make this miniature arrive without any damage.