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Monday, June 3, 2013

Trollbloods: Madrak Ironhide warpack

Last friday I played my first Hordes/Warmachine game with my warpack. Well, at least I tried: somehow I mixed my miniatures cases, and went with the wrong one. So, it was my first game, but without my miniatures (I had to use some miniatures bases as proxy).
The most frustrating was that I spent some nights in a hurry to at least went with the miniatures painted in a aceptable tabletop standart.
Even with that mishappen, I managed to win against Deneghra and his warpack.
So, next friday my trolls will try to keep their conquest, but this time painted as they should.
Note that one of the Impalers has a different skin tone: it was my beta test. After painting him, I decided to go to a more 'smurf' tone.

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