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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alien attack

Going on with the Space Hulk project, I just finished my first genestealer.
I wasn’t convinced by the color scheme from the game, so I created my own, based in the colors of my country flag: a yellowish hide (that tuned out brownish) with a insect green for the body.
I also painted a Space Marine with from the Ultramarine chapter, to test the colors. I liked very much the result, but I’m still in doubt whose is gong to be the winning chapter. I also inclined to try the Deathwing Terminators color scheme. (All suggestions are welcome).









  1. the terminators of the space hulk game cannot be deathwing, either space wolf as they haven't their attribute (deatwing are american indians for example). I think, for you, the best scheme is to create one, as there are 1000 of SM chapters. You can create a blood Ara or a Space Jaguar chapter with your own colors inspired of yours national animals.

  2. why they cannot be deathwings? There's a expansion of SH for the 1st edition that use that chapter.
    I'm not in the mood to create a chapter. I'll use one those three and adapt to my style.