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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One Ent to hold then all

Finally I got my preciousssss….. ENT?
Yes, you read it right: it’s an ent, and not a ring.
I finally finished my Lord of the Rings collection, with the arrive of the final piece: the first version of the ent, in metal. That means that I got all the miniatures that were released until now for that collection (more than 1000 different miniatures, the last time I count it, including also horses, warmachines and items)*.
Now, the next step is just to paint and assembly the last 1254 miniatures, and them the collection will be not only be complete, but also ready.

* - just a little note: I don’t consider the same miniature in a different material as two different miniatures. What I mean: as I have the metal version of a miniature, I’ll not buy the same miniature because it is in resin (so, I didn’t buy all the Fine Cast release).


  1. le guerrier mahud qui te mmanquait, existe-t-il?

  2. Je ne crois pas. J'ai cherché par tout, j'ai demandé à GW de me confirmer, mais aucune signal qu'il existe.