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Monday, November 21, 2011

It’s a tree? An ent? No! It’s the COLOSSUS!

Last Friday I the last releases from Studio 38 for the Alkemy. When I saw the miniature of the colossus, I got an urge to paint that immediately.
Here’s the result. A lot of people in the Alkemy forum liked it a lot. Not because it was I that painted that, but in my opinion my color scheme is more cold and darker that the one of the Studio 38, so I think that it keeps more the essence of the Avalon Kingdom.

Also, I painted my last miniatures from the Aurlok Nation. I love to paint the aurloks, specially the toads. Also, for the beehive thrower, I made 3 beehives markers. I’d like to make something to represent the bees flying around them, but got none idea of what to do (any suggestion).

Hope you like it.









1 comment:

  1. Muito louco esses ai... está cada dia melhor.
    O detalhe colorido da "saia" do primeiro carinha ficou muito massa