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Friday, June 3, 2011

2011 until now

Before starting to tell what I’m working on, I’d like to tell what I already have done until now.
For the JF2011, I have painted my Harad army (LotR), including:
- War Mumak, with one commander, a Mahud and a custom rock thrower;
- 8 Haradrim raiders, 2 haradrim chiefs on horses and one haradrim king on horse;
- 45 Haradrim warriors;
- 8 Serpent Guards and 2 serpent guards on horses;
- 3 Half-Trolls, 6 Watchers of Karna  and 3 Hashirin;
- Suladan on horse (both versions) and on foot (original);
- 2 haradrim chiefs, a horn blower, a task master and 3 banner bearers;
- Golden king of Harad and 5 Abrakhâns guards.

To finish my Moria army, I have painted:
- 5 Gundabad’s black shields warriors, one commander, one shaman and two drummers;
- 2 clouds of bats, 11 giant spiders and the last cave troll;
- Druzhag;
- The spider queen and hers broodlings;
- The Cave Drake;
- Make the bases for all the 120 miniatures of this army;
Also, a very good Isengard Troll Chief and Gûlavhar, Terror of Arnor.

In the good side, I painted:
- Celeborn (with armor);
- Haldir (with armor);
- Eorl the Young (mounted and foot);
- Eomer, Marshal of the Ridermark;
- 4 royal guards on foot and 4 royal guards mounted;
- Gwaihir;
- Ent (conversion);
- Eowyn (foot and mounted);

Well, that’s it for Lord of the Rings. I stop painting this collection (for now) because of the other miniature’s game that I started to play: Alkemy!
With a lot of excitement, I painted all army of the Kingdom of Avalon and all army of Aurlok nation (realized until now, including the bushwhackers and wolves spirit-guards).
I started painting the Jade Empire (the four archers), but them another game came into scene: Eden.
So, now I’m working in the Eden miniatures, starting with the slaves of the Matriarchic.
I will try to put some photos in the blog, for each game, but you can already see them all in my facebook.  

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