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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why? (Uai sô!)

Why? I rather answer other question: why not?
It’s been a while since I plunged in this fantastic world of the miniatures, and maybe it’s about time to present to all my friends and family that passion.
Some say that we do that only to feed our ego. I don’t think that’s a lie, but I also hope that with that I could show my work, get some tips, some congratulations and make some friends.
I hope that you like what I’m doing, and welcome.

Ah, one last note: why a brazilian who lives in France is writing a blog in English? Well, I thought about doing that in Portuguese, but my friends who share this passion are all frenchs. I thought about doing that in french, but I want that my Brazilians friends could enjoy also. So, I write in English, and neither of them is satisfied!


  1. When I found your blog, I was wondering why a blog in english showed so many french minis (Eden, Alkemy), I have the answer in this post ;)

    BTW I like your painting style, keep up the good work !