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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trapalhão and Papai Papudo

For this post, I got a little travel to my childhood.
This two miniatures kind make me remember two clowns of two shows that I used to watch when I was a child.
First, Antön. When I finished painting his face (before putting his clown make-up), he looks like Didi, of the Trapalhões.
For Kirril, at first I thought of him like the vilan of the Disney film (the princess and the frog, or something like that). I tried to paint him in the same scheme, but I wasn’t very satisfied of the result. But when I started painting his clocks, then I remembered of Papai Papudo, one clown that worked in the Bozo’s show. He had a great watch, and keeps asking the children “Hello, kids, what time is it?” And the crowd answered “five and sixty”. I don’t recall if it was really 6PM when he asked this, but the answer was all the same.





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