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Saturday, June 11, 2011

EDEN in Brazil

I was going to sleep, and then I decided to make my daily screening over my favorite’s sites. Bad move!!! You shouldn’t search for news before going to bed! You can get bad news that will make you too worry to sleep, or worse, you can get great news that will make you too anxious too sleep!
I’m in the second case RIGTH NOW (2:00 AM)!
I just saw in the Tanban Miniatures web site the release of the Eden rules in Brazilian Portuguese! I’m not dreaming, it’s true!
Click here to download it!
And it gets even better: take a look in page in the end of the second page:

Did you see! It’s my name! I did the translation!
(Finally, after all the translations that I did, one got really publish!)

How that happens? You ask me.
I have the great opportunity to meet Mr. Benoit ‘Taban’ Lopez, the CEO of Taban Miniatures himself, in the Convention Day, in Marquette-lez-Lilles.
I passed in the Eden stand, and start to talk to Mr Taban, and discovered that we were colleagues in PSA Brazil, working in the same project (Peugeot 207 Brazil). Unfortunately, we worked in different sites and areas, so we didn’t have any opportunity to meet.
But thanks to that experience in Brazil, Mr Taban appreciated when I proposed to him to translate the game in Portuguese. I thought that he was just been kind, but fool of me, he really like the idea and here’s the first result! And I hope that more things are to come (the mission, tactics and profiles cards).
Thanks Mr Taban and all the Eden Team!

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