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Saturday, June 4, 2011

EDEN: Dogman, Wrathman, Toyman and Colossusman

This week I received my EDEN miniatures, in the Convention Day at  Marquette-lez-Lille. I got the Matriarchy and the Jokers starters, and some others miniatures.
But in the event, I met Benoit, the CEO of TABAN miniatures, and I discovered that he worked in PSA in Brazil. So, we started to talk, and I was so enthusiastic with the game that I bought all the miniatures to complete this two factions (unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention, and I didn’t get Sister Gracianne, Tortureman and Olya).
I decided to start with the slaves, to work in the skin.
Here goes, the Dogman, Wrathman, Toyman and Colossusman.

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