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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Lady of Thorns

The great priest Caelina is finally released, and I couldn’t wait to paint her.
I think it’s one of my best works till now.
To guard her, always my faithful errand knight, one of the miniatures that use a lot in my Avalon army (the pictures are not very good).





Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The age of the Trolls has begun!

Wandering in front of my miniatures display, I saw a troll lurking in the in the bottom.
I start painting him before starting with Alkemy and even Eden, and he stayed forgotten until now.
I finished him, and profit to show his brothers.
I still got three others trolls to paint: the chief  and the catapult loader (shown in black prime). The last is the jewel of my troll collection: a rare metal version of the Isengard troll (no picture of it, cause his ‘bathing’ in acid to take out the horrible painting of his previous owner).
I say that he is a rare version because I never saw his box, and I thought that it was only a conversion of the metal Mordor troll (the one with a hammer).





Monday, July 25, 2011

End of the Show

To finish the freaking clows parade, I present you my last two miniatures of the Joker’s Gang.
First Mikaïl, the mimic. I was a little sick when I painted him, that’s why the straps in his shirt aren’t very straight. But I was satisfied of his face.
Then Bogdana, with her knives and bombs.
I know that it’s till some miniatures missing (Olya for the Joker’s Gang, and Sister Gracianne and Pain-main in the Matriarchy), but that’s the miniatures of Eden that I have (still waiting for news from Taban to know if I’m going to get this miniatures after my translation work).
I will try to do the bases, to complete the miniatures, and attack the Jade Triad miniatures of Alkemy.
However, don’t think that I forgot at all the Lord of the Rings. I’m working very hard on then, but not painting and not gamming, but collecting. I found a new updated guide (it's a unofficial guide, but very complete, you can download it in the previous link), and discovered some miniatures that I don’t have. You can check-out the missing miniatures in this post (update almost every week, after the eBays bidding in the weekend).




Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Danger! Biohazard!

Today, a miniature that counts for two: the might mutant clown Yorg.
Special mention to his barrel (with the official brazilian radiotive sign) and the little stuffed bear (a little souvenir from the gift shop, representing Mishka).



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funny dwarves

The two dwarves clowns enters the show.
First, Nikolai with his dear Katusha, a knife, fork and all sorts of pointed things expeller.
Then the Irish fighting leprechaun Vassiliev, with his monocycle and his ‘Death Rising 2’ home-made weapon.
I hope that this two miniatures could make up the fiasco of my last work (Irina).





Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bunny girl

Irina, the bunny girl of the Joker’s Gang.



Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yuri, another clown who likes to play with fire.
I’ve played my first game with my clowns yesterday, against a friend from my Game Club. He was exhausted, so I managed to win, even with a wild compo (I was tired also).



Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm back, back in black (and white)

I know that I’m late, but it was a very difficult week, with all my friends going to their vacancies, while I’m staying to keep ‘the engine running’.
Last week also was the Alkemy’s end of season tournament (I finished in 4th place, I great conquest, if you take in account that I have less than 20 games, and the top 5 Alkemy’s best players were there).

Now, back to business. I thought to paint Watanka, the Toad slayer (Alkemy), but he has a little accident (fall from the 9th floor of my building). So, I decided to keep on with my Eden collection, with this huge savage beast: Mishka.
As my wife love animals, specially the shaggy ones, I painted him like a panda bear.
Hope you like it, thanks for passing by!

Note: thanks for all that leave a comment or post. I answered all.