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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tutorial: How to magnetize your miniatures

I worked this week in a tutorial about magnetizing miniatures.
It was harder than I thought (specialy the editating part).
Hope that can be of any use for someone.
Even if it's in portuguish, I think you can understand the idea by the images.

Here's the link for the youtube:
Parte 1:
Parte 2:
Parte 3:

First part: materials, project and preparations.

Second part: where the actions starts. Magnetizing the right shoulder/arm/hands. 


Third (and final) part: magnetizing the lower/upper body and the left shoulder/arm/hands. 




Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blue giants and blue dwaves

I Couldn't resist the sales, so my Trollbloods band got some reinforcements.
First, a Dire Troll Blitzer/Bomber/Mauler, magnetized so I can choose which one I want.
Them the lovely Whelps.
It's been a busy week for me in the hobby: I assembled and magnetized my Warjacks from my Khador and Protectorate of Menoth (a total of 9, with a lot of load outs choices) and I'm even working in a tutorial for magnetization using this warjacks (I spect to release it soon).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Les Evadés du Pénitencier de la Dent

The last faction released for the game Alkemy: Les Evadés du Pénitencier de la Dent (don't know the exact name in english).
No, you aren't drunk with double vision: I painted two of these starters (one for me, and one for the Alkemy Master Nico - his site here).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

14th July Army on Parade: Crimson Slaughters

To celebrate this very important date in France, and also to give a great 'finalle' in my Crimson Slaugther army, I decided to organise my own parade.
Special thanks to my wife (that take the pictures) and to David (who build this amazing table - his site here).

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dark Shepherd and his Chaotic Herd

The Dark Apostle and a pack of Chaos Spawns joins my Crimson Slaughter army.
Even if the profile of the Dark Apostle isn't very appeling (in my point of view, with the litlle experience I have in the game), the miniature is very cool. However, as it is a FAILCAST, I'm not totally satisfait with it (specially the head).
For the Chaos Spawns, I tried to paint one of them some time ago (the one with a lot of tentacles), and got very bored and frustraded. However, I gave it another shot (starting with other model), and in the end it was nice and fast. I really like the one with some sort of head that explodes from the poor guy's chest and the red one (I was thinking in Diablo, the Lord of Terror, when I assembly it).
So now, I have only two miniatures left to paint to finish all my Chaos Space Marine army: a hellbrute and the awesome Daemon Prince (that will be only touched when it arrives at Brazil). However, as I'm thinking about starting a new project, with a very short deadline, I'll let the hellbrute waiting a bit longer in the shelv.

And also, I'm preparing a nice surprise for this week-end (hint: Sunday is 14th July - a very special date here in France).