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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Green Hell Unleashed!

After some time off because of my return to Brazil, finally I got something to show here.
My Hive Fleet has begin its invasion.
I managed to paint my Tervigon (already full magnetized to be used as a Tyrannofex), 26 Tergamagants, 11 Hormagaunts and 3 Hive Guards.
I'm trying to paint as much as I can so my army will be ok for the next weekend meeting of the Campinas at War Club. However, the bases will have to wait some time to be made.
I also have some opportunites to play my Tyranids against my brother and brother in law (also using my Tyranid army). The games were fun, with a very special performance of the Tervigon that I used as HQ against my brother: it managed to spawn 67 Termagants (15+9+11+14+18) in the 5 rounds game. I tought that I have bought Termagants in excess, but after that, I think that 93 are not that much. Hope that I can managed to have that same luck next time (and maybe with 2 Tervigons).

Sorry about the photo, but my camera is with my wyfe, so I used my cellphone camera.