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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dark Vengeance: Crimson Slaughter color scheme test

Finally I got my Dark Vengeance copy, stepping in the world of the Warhammer 40k.
Before slaughtering these beautiful miniatures, I made a test in a Possessed.
I thought about changing the color scheme, but at the end I tried to copy the one of GW.
I’m very satisfied with the flesh, but I’m not very sure about the armor.
As I’ll be out for a week, I’ll not be able to advance in this chaotic army.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Space Hulk: last terminators

Going on with the Space Hulk project, here it's the last terminators.
The Sergeant Gideon, Brother Claudio, Brother Leon and Brother Goriel.
To finish, there's the Lexicanium Calistarius, the Brood Lord and 9 Genestealers and the scenery pieces (dead terminator, C.A.T, door holders and the relic).

Still in the WH40k theme, this week my english copy of the Dark Vengeance should arrive, and I bought a Tyranid Force box (very cheap at the ebay).

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Space Hulk: Bros Omnio,Zael and Valencio and 4 more genestealers

I got into a cruzade to (try to) finish my old projects.
To celebrate the releasing of the Dark Vengeance for Warhammer 40k (I couldn't resist), I decided to return to the Hulk and clamme it in the name of the Emperor.
So, here it goes the brothers Omnio, Zael and Valencio (Goriel should be done soon) and 4 more genestealers.
It's a shame that I didn't decide to paint them in the colors of the Dark Angel Chapter (or as the Deathwing company), or I could mix them with Dark Vengeance.