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Friday, December 30, 2011

Challenge of the end of the year

For my end of the year’s holydays, I took a challenge: finish to paint my Khaliman’s army before the next club’s meeting (January 06 2012).
That means painting (and basing) 22 miniatures.
Even as I started this challenge with a little advantage (I painted 6 miniatures before starting the challenge), I couldn’t paint anything in the first half of my vacations because my mother-in-law was visiting us.
Another obstacle was my PS3: I bought two games (Deux Ex and LA Noire), so it’s hard to focus in painting the cat’s ass while the PS3 is laughing at you.
However, I believe that I’ll be succeeded: in 3 days I painted 9 miniatures and finish all the bases.
So: 17 miniatures ready, 5 to go!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alkemy Noel SFJ

Today, I played in the Alkemy Noel SFJ tournemant.
I made my inscription in the last minute (means, I arrived in the tournament 10 minutes before its start). I didn’t even know with army I’ll play.
As there were a few Aurloks players, I took my beasts to battle.
My army (201 points):
- Tamel’she Far Eye, the crow spirit-shaman;
- (2) Auroch Totem-Warrior;
- Auroch Rain-Dancer with Horn;
- (1) Wolf Spirit-Guard;
- (1) Wolf Thunder-Warrior.

I didn’t have much hope to won the first place, but after winning the first, the second and the third game, I got a little excited about the possibility.
However, that little hope has vanished quickly when I read the scenery of the last game (something like a capture flag) and saw my opponent’s army (Khalimans, with a lot of archers, runners and the most fxxxing miniature of the game with the Pacifist and Diplomatic Immunity skill (witch forbids me to hit him in close combat).
To make short: I lost.
So, in the end I got the fourth place, and my opponent of the last game came in fist.

Here some pictures of the tournament:

My army. 

 My avalonian army that I lent to a friend.

 My army againt the first place's army.
Me, getting  my 4th place prize

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Space Hulk: Brother Noctis and Brother Scipio

With the help of my mother-in-law (babysitting my son), I got some time to continue my Space Hulk project.
I decided to go with an Ultramarine color scheme. I love blue more then red.
Status report of the project:
- Genestealers: 8 painted, 14 + broodlord waiting for primer;
- Terminators: 2 painted (Brother Noctis and Brother Scipio), 10 already primed, waiting for paint & brush.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ride for Ruin, Eorlings!

Last weekend, I participated in a Lord of The Rings Tournament, in Rueil-Malmaison (a city nearby).
I thought about going with my Harad army, which won the last Tournament, but the organizers gave a very good incentive to use exotics armies.
It’s been a long time since I painted my Rohan riders, and I never used them, so that’s my chance. I assembled an Eorl’s riders with only cavalry miniatures (a total of 27 for a 600 points army).
Here goes the list:
- Eorl the Yong (as my general);
- King of men (all options of a captain of Rohan, plus a horse and the Rohan Royal Banner, normaly used by Gamling);
- King of men (all options of a captain of Rohan, in a horse);
- 3 Sons of Eorl;
- 5 Royal Guards (javelin and horse);
- 16 Rohan riders (javelin and horse, and one with a horn).
I got some discounts (the horses were at half price, and the royal banner cost only 25 points), about 120 points.
I have fun playing with that army (the bugged eyes of the enemy when I align all the 27 horses in a line in the table), but they are very fragile, and the heros aren’t very powerful.
I tied the first three games, and lost the last one (against the Fellowship of the Ring + Treebeard), and so I finish in 9th (of 16).
However, I won ‘The most beautiful army’, and that give me a great consolation.
Here it goes some photos. I’ll try to take better ones this weekend (if I have the time).

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Déjà Vu

Isn’t that the same mini that you posted last week?
No, it isn’t. The last week’s miniature (click here to go to the post) was the same model, but as I gave it to my friend, I’d to paint another for me.
So, I post the photos so you can compare with the other  one and say me if it’s better, worst or the same.
Just for info, I got the miniature yesterday (and the urge made me finish it today).



Thursday, November 24, 2011

I think a saw a little kitten…

Not one little kitten, but 3 wild great cats.

First, the guepardos Méharistes of the house Malikh. I tried to paint the trousers with a camouflage scheme, but it didn’t passe in the quality inspection (did by my wife).
Then, the jaguar Jaraya of the house Malikh.
I also put a photo of all the Jarayas that I painted.







Monday, November 21, 2011

It’s a tree? An ent? No! It’s the COLOSSUS!

Last Friday I the last releases from Studio 38 for the Alkemy. When I saw the miniature of the colossus, I got an urge to paint that immediately.
Here’s the result. A lot of people in the Alkemy forum liked it a lot. Not because it was I that painted that, but in my opinion my color scheme is more cold and darker that the one of the Studio 38, so I think that it keeps more the essence of the Avalon Kingdom.

Also, I painted my last miniatures from the Aurlok Nation. I love to paint the aurloks, specially the toads. Also, for the beehive thrower, I made 3 beehives markers. I’d like to make something to represent the bees flying around them, but got none idea of what to do (any suggestion).

Hope you like it.