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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prince and Princess

My second HQ from my Crimson Slaughter army is ready: a Daemon Prince of Chaos.
Also, in preparation for the JFJ2013, I painted the miniature of this year: Helena, the Red, the princess pirate of the Caribean.
Still in the JFJ moody, I painted the last year miniature, Ikiria, the Red Angel.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kranon and Cultists

My first HQ for my Crimson Slaugther army is ready: Kranon, the Relentless.
He doesn't come alone: a scort of cultists is there to guard him.
My army grew a little this week: I bought an extra Hellbrute, 20 more cultists, and a Demon Prince.
However, as I received my Dark Angel Codex with a some of the new releases, I spent a lot of time this week-end assembling them. I made 4 Black Night riders, 1 attack bike, 1 Land Speeder Darkshroud/Vengeance and 1 Darktalon/Nehilim Jetfighter. I magnetiezed them so I can chosse wich version I want to field.