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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Calibatan 40th Millenium Automotive Salon

Direct from the Armory of the Rock, a display of all the heavy vehicles of my Dark Angels army.
The Dark Angels icons and smoke launchers (normally above the headlights) are all magnetized, and used to count the hull points.
The weathering effects will be applied later.

Rhino: two of the most popular APV in use by the the Space Marine Chapters.
Razorback: using the Rhino chassis, with 3 main weapons choisses (heavy bolter, assault cannon and lascannon; all twin-linked).
Predator: Annihilator pattern.

Vindicator: with siege shield.
Whirlwind: also using the Rhino chassis.
Land Raider: all three configurations available (standard, Crusader and Redeemer), with the optional Multi-melta.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Squads

Nothing like a good game to give a booster to restart painting a army.
I had a great game last game day, using my Dark Angel army against my friend Eldar (first time against theses xenos).
Really fun game, and when I got back, I cleaned my painting table to give some room for my Dark Angels.
Whith the Ravenwing already ready (see the previous posts), and the Deathwing with a color scheme in work, I took my time with the core squads.
So, there are the second Tactical Squad (with meltagun and multi-melta), the Scout Squad (with missile launcher magnetized) and a Devastator Squad (with 2 plasma cannon, 2 missile launchers and a lascannon). Also, Turmiel, the Librarian.