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Sunday, June 17, 2012

After a month of vacation

After a month of vacation, it was a total stress in work, while catching up in the new project I’m working now. And also, with the release of Diablo 3, I changed from the brush to the mouse for a long time
Now that I finally got some time to breathe (and killed Diablo), I really made use of that in a very productive week about miniatures.
First, I finished the Fenix Feather Crow Tribe for Alkemy for my good friend Nico, and them I based all his Aurloks miniatures. Unfortunelly I didn’t have time to take pictures, but I think he will very soon (them I copy the photos and publish here).
Still in Alkemy, but now in the Jade Triad, I painted the new release: the Disciples of the School of the Crystal Sun. I painted 2 sets of 2 miniatures (one for me and one for Nico).
At the end of the week-end, I started painting my Gears of War Boardgame miniatures. I started with a single Wretch to test the color scheme.
Also, while I was with the miniatures of Nico, he stayed with mines. And he used them to make the photos for the RAVAGE magazine, one of the most important about miniatures in France. The link is here: