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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Convoy to Hell…

… or should I say to EDEN? Anyway, either of them isn't a nice place.
So, to booster the Convoy team, muscles (Friedrich and Georg) and pets (Leo and Louie).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Post apocalypse sickness

I almost finished the GoW miniatures. Only the Khantus are missing (and to be honest, they don’t give me any desire to finish them).
Enhard for my Convoy team, and the two horde masters for my friend Guillaume.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Alkemy’s End of Season Tournament.

Last week was a busy one. I painted four miniatures from the last release (2 Templars and 2 Djinns) in preparation for the Alkemy’s End of Season Tournament.
The tournament was awesome: meeting our friends, nice games and a great bbq for lunch.
I played the Avalonian’s Kingdom: Garlan, Lotharius, a Templar, an Errant Knight, a Swashbuckler, three Temple Novices and a Countryside Priest.
My first game was vs Aldona, with an Aurlok army full of toads, a totem warrior and a crow, in the Spores scenery. I very nice game, that almost ended in draw because of the time. However, I managed to win in the last turn.
The second game was vs Christophe, who played with my Khalimans miniatures, with an army full of arrows and claws, in the frozen route scenery. After killing the Venator and its beasts that came to my chariots to catch my merchandise, I charged his chariots and took a lot, winning the game with a great score.
The third one (and the best game of the day for me) was vs Olivier, my great friend and nemesis (I lost all the games vs him). He played his awesome Jade Triad army, with a customized Alkymiste, a disciple (that he sculptured officially for the game), the two captains and three archers. The scenery couldn’t be better for him: the alkemical machines (with two alkymistes, he started with a great advantage over me).
However, instead of activating the machines, his alkymistes were too busy casting theirs spells, so I managed to take the hand of the game.
A great game like that take a lot of time, so at the beginning of the fourth round, it was announced that it’ll be the last one (because of the time). Olivier was relieved by that, because I was winning by 8 x 3, and in order to win the match, I should double my score.
In a very unlucky dice roll for him, he couldn’t get the right stone to deactivate one of my machines, and in a bold move of my priest, I managed to activate the last machine, giving me exactly the 16 points needed to win the match.
I arrived in the final game in first place (the only one with three victories so far). I played vs Tristan, with a Jade Triad army. The first time we played in a tournament, he beats me with his Jade Triad. The second time, I beat him, but he was with an Avalonian army and I was with a Jade Triad. Unfortunately, the story repeats, and with a lot of unlucky dice rolls and some mistaken choices I lost the final game.
I must have some kind of curse of the final round over me: in all tournaments that I arrive in the last round in the first place, I lost the final round and slide to the 4th place and so.
At the end, I finished 5th, but as a consolation prize a managed to win the awesome game table realized by my great friend David (who finished in first place – congratulations).

Great day, thanks to Nico for organizing the tournament and a loud cry: AAAAALLLLLLLKEMY!

(Note: I know that I'm a little late in this post, but I got sick - 5 days in hosptial - and I wanted to get the picture from the groupe). 

Me against Olivier, the number 1 Alkemy player in the World! (and I won that game)

Me and the great master David, the champion of the tournement and the one who make this amazing table that I won.

All the alkemysts that participated of this great final.