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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Army on Parade: Games Workshop Paris 06

This weekend a participated with my Crimson Slaughters in the Army on Parade in the Games Workshop shop at Paris 6th.
The first place was for Benjamin, who works in the shop (!!!), with a converted army with oriental theme. Nice freehand painting and a oriental look fortification, but that's all (imo). 27 votes.
I got the silver medal, with 20 votes. I was very happy of the result, considering that I got only two 'suspects' votes (me and my wife), meaning that the others 18 votes were from people that I don't know and that really liked my army. Someone loved so much that even stole one of my miniatures (an ancient metal version of the Chaos Spawn).
In third place, an dark eldar army, that got 18 votes (and my wife told me that when she was voting, there were at least 5 friends of the guy to vote for him).

I'd like to thanks my angelic wife for always supporting me (she's my painting coach and photographer), and my two great friends Nico (who lend me this awesome table) and Igor (who donated the Temple of Skulls scenery to the club, that I've painted).

Even I'm sad to leave France, I'm happy that I managed to accomplish so much in the hobby before leaving (I'm still #1 in the European rank of Alkemy).

PS.: if you look in the top right of the 4th photo, you'll see the most beautiful and  awesome miniature of all: my little boy Pedro!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 7th Army on Parade: Ravenwing 2nd CIA (Dark Angels)

To celebrate the Brazilian independence day at September 7th, here's my army on parade.
Unfortunately it's not my full Dark Angels army, but it's my whole Ravenwing 2nd CIA.
Next week, one surprise of the same kind.
Thanks to Nico for lending me this awesome tile, and  to my wife for taking the photos.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ravenwing Heros

To lead my Ravenwing, I got two HQs: Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing, and a Librarian on bike.