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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tutorial: Escape From Goblin Town (Globin)

This weekend was a very excited one: the release of the new range of miniatures based on the Hobbit film, and also a LotR tournement.
To celebrate that, I present you a little tutorial for the goblins from Goblin Town.
I heard a lot of people complaining about the goblins, the color scheme and the sculptures. I don't agree with that: I think GW did a great job, and even if I'm not in love for their color scheme, I admire that they tryed very hard to resemble as much as the caracters from the film.

So, here's my 'alfa test':

So, i started with a white prime:

Base color for the skin: 1/2 Astronomican Grey + 1/2 Gretchin Green :

Base color for the clothes, leather, wood and bones: Rhinox Hide :

Base color for the rusted metal: Skrag Brown

Base color for the hair: Adeptus Battlegrey

Wash: Ogryn Flesh in the skin, and Nuln Oil in the hair and weapons

A soft dry brush with Blazing Orange to do the rust effect in the weapons:

Painting the metal using a brush with uneven points and Boltgun Metal, only in the edges of the weapons:

Starting the highlight in the skin, with the same mix of 1/2 Astronomican Grey + 1/2 Gretchin Green from the base color:

Adding a little more of Astronomican Grey, to build the highlight:

Adding a little of White Skull, to build the highlight:

For the eyes: after painting all the eyes area with Chaos black, a dot of Khorne red in the eyeball:

Them, a little Golden Yellow spot:

And a Chaos Black point to finish it:

Highlight the hair Codex Grey, and do it again with Fortress Grey:

For the blisters, a Golden Yellow spot on them:

And a Ball Red wash to make it more disgusting:

Red Khorne for the clothes (I choose that to keep the same color scheme of my Moria goblins, you can keep it brown if you want, using the highlight for leather):

Highlight the clothes with Evil Sunz Scarlet:

And do it again, adding a little White Skull in the Evil Sunz Scarlet:

Paint the teeth and nails with Snakebite Leather, and then only the teeth with Bleach Bone:

Snakebite Leather to highlight the leather and wood:

And Chain mail to highlight the weapons blades:

And it's done! Hope you like it!