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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back to Paradise

I got some reinforcements for my two factions from EDEN.
Now, for the Matriarch, I need only Sister Magdalena, and I completed the Jokers.
I painted these miniatures 4 weeks ago, but didn’t have time to post them (it was awesome to paint Grigory).
I also got almost all miniatures from the Bakama Clan and Convoi, and some from the ISC, but this project will have to wait, (as my Space Hulk project).
There’ll be a LotR tournament in two weeks, and I’ll try to finish my Rohan army. I know that it’s not a good choice for a tournament, but it’ll give some motivation to finish this army.
After that, there’ll be a Alkemy tournament, and as I got some miniatures too, I’ll try to finish at least the Avalonians (I just finished to paint the colossus – waiting for the wash to dry to finish the base) and Aurloks (beehives thrower and Tankawanka).









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