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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Wolf and the Lion

No, no, no. There is nothing to do with Starks and Lanysters (Game of Thrones). The fight here is between Aurloks and Khalimans.
Last Saturday, I participated in a Alkemy Tournement in the beautiful city of Versailles, organized by the great sculptor, painter and player Olivier Bred (his site here) and his friends from AFJ.
While this topic is about Aurloks and Khalimans, I didn’t play with them, choosing my loyal servants from Avalon.
I won the first three games, and lose the last one to Olivier (who finished first), so I came in the third place.
As prize, I got the Wolitse (Wolf leader of the Aurloks), and also I bought the Ifrit’Qaniss (Elite fighter of the the Khalimans).
As I got some time this Sunday, I finished both! Wolitse, the wolf in the sheep's hide, and the Ifrit with the Goofy's head.

My 201 Avalon Army for the AFJ Tournemant


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